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Kim Roberts, MBA

For the past 20 years, Kim has been a relationship builder across multiple disciplines in the financial industry. Her robust set of skills enable her to solve complex problems and find success in everything from case management and recruiting, to sales and carrier relations.

At the heart of the whirlwind is Kim’s passion for contributing to the success of every producer. Every day, she cultivates her relationships with carrier underwriters in her roles of running proposals, application submissions, fielding sales questions, and reaching out to trusted underwriters to expedite difficult cases.

At LeSourd Partners, there are few cases that she won’t have a hand in taking across the finish line. Her energy and ability to instruct and inform are also what drives her passion for health and fitness. You may see her around town at the gym instructing kickboxing classes or enjoying CrossFit in her spare time.

Kim and her husband, Sean, have two girls – Sydney and Lydia. They also have a pup named Derrick Henry (Roll Tide!)